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Pricing Guidelines

Prices are determined on a per event basis, keeping in mind location, venue, time of year, materials used and types of designs. However, we provide a downloadable price list based on standard starting prices that can be used for estimating a general floral budget. Sales tax as required by state law, delivery and set up charges are not included. Delivery and setup are typically 15-20% of the floral order, but actual costs will be determined by location and complexity of the setup.

Please note that we require a $500 minimum, including tax and delivery, for all events. We require a $2,000 minimum on weddings, including tax and delivery, during peak wedding season from March through October. We’re happy to provide arrangements during peak wedding season for smaller weddings, or weddings that require only personal flowers, if you’re able to arrange pick up of the flowers.

Call 510.406.2638 or email us for additional information on pricing.